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Goupil G4 Electric Utility Vehicle

Goupil G4 Electric Utility Vehicle

Are you looking for a 100% Electric Compact Utility Vehicle that is robust and competitive?

The Goupil G4  Electric Utility Vehicle will appeal to you by its capacity to adapt to your business. The many configurations combined with the professional onboard equipment have made the G4 the choice in its class.

Architecture and Safety

The G4 is designed with an ultra-robust steel chassis on which rests an aluminium cabin, the batteries are positioned in the middle.

This structure associated with the propulsion choice gives a residual payload of over a ton and a traction capacity of more than 1t4 on road, with no equivalent on the actual compact electrical market. Equipped with McPherson suspensions at the front and with composite blades at the back, a double circuit brake system, the G4 benefits from the Polaris experience in road holding to deliver a safe drive.


Does your job need you to frequently get in and out of your vehicle?

Take a seat in the G4 and appreciate the seat height, the cabin space and the lighting. The silence, absence of vibrations combined with the comfort equipments (assisted steering, heating, air conditioning, rear view camera) allow you to do your days work with a minimum of fatigue. 


  • 2 seats electric utility vehicle homologated on-road conditions
  • Compact size 1.2m wide
  • Payload capacity up to 1275Kg
  • Towing capacity 1 ton on-road (1,400kg N1)
  • Maximum speed of 50km/h
  • Battery autonomy up to 130km



Green spaces, logistics, waste management... The Goupil G4 can be adapted to many applications thanks to its versatility and the modularity of its equipment.


The G4 is a perfect vehicle for the maintenance of green spaces. Adaptable, it will be useful in any situation.


Our electrical utility vehicles successfully meet the requirements of industrial sites or logistics centres. They are ideal for driving around your site thanks to their compact footprint and high payload (up to 1.2 tons).

Refuse collection

Our range of electrical utility vehicles includes models dedicated to waste management collection.


Brochure Download

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