Goupil G4 Leaf Collector Electric Utility Vehicle

G4 Leaf Collector

The Goupil G4 Leaf Collector Combi Unit Electric Utility Vehicle comes with a fixed (or tipping body) and the added benefit of a built in Leaf Collector. Designed specifically for greens areas and roadway maintenance work. Its compact size is ideal for towns, public parks and gardens as well as cemeteries.



With a range of up to 115 km based on actual use with the 14 kWh Lithium battery pack. Also available in 9kWh Lithium batteries and 11.5 kWh or 15.4 kWh Lead Acid batteries.


A loading height at 80 cm. Easy access to the driving position, ideal in “Stop & Go” applications. Its modern design with large glass areas and compact size make the G4 the perfect utility vehicle for driving through town centres or on closed sites.


Driver’s safety: 3-point seatbelt, seat sensor. Pedestrians’ safety: speed limiter and motion buzzer. 2-Speed high/low switch allowing operators control to reduce the vehicles speed and to prevent over speeding.


Reduced maintenance and energy consumption costs (€2 for a full charge). With an onboard charger, the G4 can be charged via a standard 13amp mains socket so does not require any additional charging infrastructure.


Cabin fitted with full standard equipment. The cab offers unique space & visibility for a utility vehicle in this category. The overall layout ensures the driver feels safe on the road: the backlight controls are within hand's reach, the HD LCD display provides visual comfort and instant control over the vehicles's key data. 


All the strong features of the old Goupil G3 combined with key innovations on core elements of the vehicle: steering, braking system, modular chassis, cabin comfort...


The G4 is now available in a long version to satisfy all your needs: about 55 cm longer than the standard version



  • 2 Seat Road Homologated Electric Utility Vehicle.
  • Compact size 1.2m wide
  • Payload capacity up to 1275Kg
  • Towing capacity 1 ton on-road (1,400kg N1)
  • Maximum speed of 50km/h
  • Battery autonomy up to 115km




Factory Fitted Leaf Collector comes with Hose Kit for Pedestrian Use. The Debis is sucked into the Deck Body with Upper Mesh Cage and covered with Net, so that all leaves are kept secure.


This is a Combined Unit Vehicle so still has the added benefit of a Fixed or Hydraulic Tipping Deck. The Deck Body Length is 1.6m.


The mesh upper metal cage can be fixed ontop of dropsides to gain more volume (collection of waste). Loose loads can be secured with a Net or Canvas to cover the top.


The vehicle utility deck can be supplied with tie-down rings to secure heavy loads.


The utility vehicle G4 Pick up is available with a canvas cover supported by tubular alluminium frame. The openings (side and back) are zipped. The back section is transparent to provide good rear vision. 


Goupil G4 Brochure Download

Get even more information and the full technical specification by downloading our Goupil G4 brochure.

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